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Namecheap Review

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Namecheap Review

Namecheap provides a high level of interest in hosting but note of the drawbacks in the initial plans.

Its plans for web hosting might also be evident. For just $1.44 a month a year of shared hosting-right. You only receive a 20 GB storage, but there are plenty of other features for many web sites: an unmet bandwidth, a free domain name, a Free Website Builder, easy WordPress installation, hundreds of popular other applications, a CPanel-style industry control panel, 24/7 live chat support and the 30-day cash-back guarantees.

A few small catches are available. For example, for the first year, you get free certificates from PositiveSSL, and for the second year, you will pay an extra 50 percent off the renews price. That’s only $8,88 a year now, though, an additional minimum month of $0.74.

This 1,44 $price, for the first year, includes a 50 % discount, after which you’re going to pay 2,88.  Although the website tells you that you receive 2-week backing up, this is ‘not guaranteed’ by the small print.

All plans allow you to host yourself in a data center in the UK or the USA. Although the UK is hosting costs $1 an additional month, that is an exceptional bonus. Yet Namecheap looks like a tremendous value, even if you add all this. The HostGator Plan Hatchling provides unmetered storage and unlimited email accounts; however, it costs $5.95 per month on the annual plan and renovates to $8.95.

When you’re concerned about these limited space and email accounts, you pay $2.44 a month to the Stellar Plus Plan ($4.88 from year 2, support unlimited domain hosting, and automatic daily backups. It is already a fantastic offer. That’s a great deal.


  • Small prices
  • Host up to three domains Starter Plan
  • Well designed site management with cPanel power
  • Plans for VPS configurable


  • Your website is a free domain
  • Low-powered ‘WordPress Managed Plan’
  • Few features and extras advanced
  • No hosting Windows


WordPress Hosting: EasyWP, the hosting platform operated by Namecheap’s WordPress, is low on functionality.

EasyWP operates on Namecheap’s cloud infrastructure that will insulate you from shared hosting’s badly-behaved neighboring websites, and the organization reports it’s ‘3x quicker on conventional community hosting than regular WordPress.

The main highlight is the size, as every hosting. For more detail, Easy WP Turbo is required to support 50 GB of storage and $7,88 ($5,74) each month to accommodate 200,000 guests per month to accommodate 100 GB of storage and $11.88 each month, which is paid annually and $8.24 each annum.

VPS Hosting: The hosting arrangements of Virtual Private Server increase the site’s performance and stability by guaranteeing the Processing time and RAM, eliminating battles for resources you can normally get with that hosting.

VPS price of Namecheap begins at just $11.74 a month for a two-disk, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB Capacity, and 1 TB Pulsar Bandwidth annual contract.

These aren’t the deals they appear to be. These programs are unmanaged, ensuring you can perform low-level functions such as app upgrades and changes to the operating system. No cPanel is available to help you manage your sites so that your Linux skills are sure (there is no option for hosting Windows).

All this could be avoided by paying an extra $25 a month for full VPS administration. A $10 month ‘Simple’ maintenance package requires a tracking system, and if you do not, Namecheap can restore the system online. Unusually, there is also a “pay on your way” option, which offers you Namecheap a flat fee to perform those tasks (for example, 15 dollars an hour to upgrade your server).

When you add compliance costs and even a cPanel warrant, several other controlled VPS-products will have a comparable price.


Dedicated Hosting: The dedicated servers of Namecheap obey the same laws as the VPS collection. High operating rates, for example, the yearly arrangement, just pays $77.32 a month for four core 3.6 GHz Processor, 8 GB Rom, 1 TB disk, and 100 Mb bandwidth. But add cPanel and basic server controls to the price you ‘re going to pay elsewhere, say, up to $122.32. We like the planning configurability, but as with the VPS range, you have to carefully read the small imprint, so that you know what you are getting.

Establishing a site is fast and easy to sign up for Namecheap. The company will not waste time selling a long list of other products or adding some to your cart and hope that you won’t notice them. You can have more influence over the configuration of your program. No problem, if you would not want to automatically renew your subscription or if the company even has to save your payment details (card or Paypal).

While others may leave you waiting to activate your account, Namecheap will hurry up. One web page after payments said we had to wait for a moment. They thanked us for our order around 15 seconds and guided us to some helpful “Getting Started” guides (the “How to set up your hosting account” and “When to upload my site”).



About Panel:

A few clicks take you to the Namecheap dashboard, a virtual console where the hosting plan, fields that you may have recorded, and other Namecheap items are handled.

You ‘re at cPanel Namecheap configuration for a couple more clicks. No newbies need to scroll across the rest of the cPanel since they can immediately view the core features they need.

Regular CPanel File Manager makes updating and managing domains, email accounts, databases, etc. quick and easy. Experts may start with FTP or SSH setup, which enables easy access from the command line. You don’t have to manually find your support site, as both Namecheap and live chat are connected from the cPanel directly.

It is a comprehensively designed and versatile set of tools with something for every user level. This is good news, especially because you get the most basic account of $1.44 per month.

Desperate problems with the website are at best annoying and, in extreme cases, can cause serious harm to your business, so the support system for your hosts must be provided when you need it.

You can use WordPress or other software with a few taps with Softaculous. It’s very easy to update and manage your software. Upgrade your hosting package easily if your company grows too large for the current package. Their bandwidth is unchanged for all sharing plans.


Is Discount Web hosting Searching a great deal?

On Namecheap plans, you can currently save large. To make the deal, using this discount link. A money-back guarantee is also available for you for 30 days.



What benefits do you have for businesses?


Advantages Namecheap can offer for a small company.

Are there any web pages? Present websites secure migration. Backups are regular. “Softacular” 400 + apps list, connecting to the site functionality.


You need a site quickly?

Online ad manager marketing services can display your PPC ads. Included Landing Page. Include marketing functions on your site through a 400 + “Softaculous” library.


EasyWP WordPress will get you the 30 seconds WordPress site. Tested WP hosting is responsible for updating applications, security monitors, and backups. Speed and performance-optimized platform.



Below is a list of ways Namecheap hosting services handle security.




  • Use the best firewalls for hardware and software, and a very technical internal security system.


  • “Leech Safe” allows you to define as many logins as you can in 2 hours. Protect your site against attacks by brute force.


  • Namecheap regularly creates its site backups that may be demanded to be copied if needed.
  • “CodeGuard” — this add-on service offers security, recovery, and restoration.
  • Included virus scanners
  • Protection of the hotlink
  • When necessary, Namecheap constantly tests and tweaks defensive measures.
  • To ensure the security of your websites, SSL certificates are available.
  • DNSSEC is supplied via Premium DNS service from Namecheap.
  • Namecheap offers a range of hosting types, including common hosting planning.



Up to three websites on the smallest level with the most only one site and the largest one unlimited.


  • Unlimited sub-domains vary from 30 to 30.
  • All plans are bandwidth-free.
  • A good deal of disk space.
  • A long list of additional features that can easily be compared with others.
  • Hosting analysis of Namecheap VPS
  • VPS hosting of Namecheap.
  • Hosts for the VPS
  • Two VPS schemes can be chosen.
  • You get all the dreams you have in general, and much more.
  • All plans can be upgraded/downgraded easily if required.
  • You receive a higher priority support service that receives answers to shared plans before people.


VPS Hosting: VPS plans are held in the Phoenix, Arizona networks, so page speeds are incredibly fast, often faster than dedicated hosting companies’ servers. Under these plans, either one or only a couple of clients are using the same server. This means that there are huge stability and performance gains and no downtime (as Namecheap guarantees).

Choose to manage yourself, manage yourself, or manage your server fully with Namecheap. You can choose the operating system, have reinstall access, have root access, and can reinstall it on your server if you manage it yourself.

  • Many various plans to satisfy your needs.
  • All you have in joint and VPS contracts is open, but certain amounts may be greater. Such designs are perfect for places that travel a lot.
  • You have your own computer to do all the jobs, or Namecheap does it for you.
  • Everything target rates to match.
  • Servers have secret identities so that no one realizes that you’re offering a site.
  • Total priority assistance for every aspect of the process is essential.
  • Domains and subdomains are limitless.


A resale strategy and strategies for sales to your client base and others you know will receive passive income. The disk space depends on what package you choose from, whereas all plans are equipped with unmet bandwidth.

You can reach Softaculous through your control panel’s administrative area.

Like an app store, you can think of it. This allows you to easily connect discussion forums, journals, photo galleries, media players, etc. to your Namecheap-hosted website, utilizing hundreds of applications.


DNS Hosting:

Namecheap (and various other registrars) provide DNS hosting with each domain that is licensed, but you can buy this option from Namecheap if you have a registered domain without DNS hosting. DNS Hosting is a software, in short, that “translates” your domain name into your website’s unique IP address. Essentially, the larger the DNS network, the sooner it can happen to your website, which results in faster page load times.


Service Personally: Namecheap is a smaller company, and you typically get a more customized approach. GoDaddy is a big company; on the other side, with a wide range of services GoDaddy is for you if you are interested in having all website-related resources under the umbrella of a single company.

Privacy Network Security: Your personal information (for example, an address, email, or telephone number) is (standardly) listed in the public WHOIS registry when you buy and log domain names, and available. However, you can buy what is known as the protection of domain data. It covers your personal information and shows alternate details you typically see your domain registry information instead, but the particulars can differ.

A website creator from WordPress can be used for the creation of the website for $1.00 in 30 seconds. Small businesses should choose domain protection. Namecheap offers the anonymity of the domain free of charge to WhoIsGuard.


Conclusion: For its market consistency, Namecheap often gets major thumbs from us. Too many web hosts are telling you that it’s $3 per month, but they’re saying how many years or other options you have to register. Namecheap shows its price and annual fees on the same simple page clearly and with renewal fees. If only some other site host would do the same thing.

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