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Hostinger Review

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Hostinger Review

Hostinger is one of today’s lowest-cost, open hosting services. In 2007, they began with an advertising-free web hosting service. The web hosting brand Hostinger came into being in 2011. Hostinger already had 10 million people in a user base by May 2014. The user base was up to 29 million by January 2017.In just over a decade, this is quite impressive growth. There are tons of free and unlimited features in the company. But all these additional benefits are really free and unlimited. We have checked it out so that you don’t have to pay with Hostinger for a true live plan. Afterward, you can create your website and started over a year to monitor its performance.


  • 350ms Fast Load Time, loading times for fast pages are essential to the experience of any user of a website. In addition, probably for a long time, you didn’t stick around. According to Neil Patel, 40 % of the population leaves a website after loading longer than three seconds. In the USA, Asia, and Europe (UK), Hostinger provides servers. Each connection is reported to be 1000 Mbps, which ensures stable load times.
  • Hostinger plans are quite active, fast, and sponsored by much more. Most of the time, Reasonable uptime is 99.95%: Uptime is the most critical aspect to search with a web host. The hosting services are quite useful. All in all, they do very well by continuing to run their websites.
  • 30-day guarantee of money-back, the moneyback guarantee is also offered for 30 days. If performance or experience is sub-part, you can try them out and get your money back.
  • Customer support: Customer support can either create or break a web host. If your website is down and you cannot reach customer service agent for whatever cause, you can miss out on a lot of sales.
  • However, Live Chat is only available if the Hostinger account is logged in. Hostinger offers live chat, but if they were to give it to everybody, it would be more meaningful. It’s extremely easy to access the live chat. Live chat button Hostinger: we had to wait less than 1 minute to connect to a chat support agent, and another minute was awesome to answer. Quickly and with a lot of languages responded to our questions.
  • In addition, Hostinger has a free web site builder. Tons of templates are available for choosing. Although some advanced users may miss cPanel, this version is good for getting a website and running for beginners who are still finding their way around.
  • Premium features and business plans unlimited, you’ll have free access to unlimited email accounts when you can easily sign up for one of the top two Hostinger projects.
  • Auto answers can be configured, accounts enabled or disabled and emails sent to a client’s domain forwarded. In most plans, bandwidth, database, and “single web hosting plan” are unlimited.
  • Standard industry price tricks but still affordable, Many web-hosting enterprises falsely promote their prices. One of them is Hostinger, but more transparent than many others.


Hostinger loads speeds, uptime, support quality, and characteristics are a lot to love.It is an unbelievably good deal for that amount of time if you are willing to commit to the same web-host four years. Compared to most other hosts, it might save you a number.

Prices of the hosting company, a low price usually involves some quality compromises, but the service they provide in Hostinger’s case is quite excellent compared to most hosting service providers.



Sadly, no perfect web host is available, and Hostinger has flaws like other hosts. The trick is to determine the shortcomings and those that you can live with. Here’s a general overview of Hostinger, which is not so perfect:

  1. You need to log in to live chat: Only if you are signed into a hostinger account is the hostinger live chat option open. You cannot chat with the customer service representative live if you are not a Hostinger customer but have questions about migrating your web site to them, for instance.

Click on the “Support Us” button at the bottom of the page to support Hostinger without being signed in.


  • Contact the hosting company.
  • Contact us from Hostinger.
  • Page of support for hosting
  • Contact page Hostinger Customer Success
  • You must submit your name, email, and message to provide a ticket.


  1. No Custom cPanel: Many hosting systems utilize a traditional screen, such as cPanel. This is easier for new users than the conventional control panel-Hostinger has created its control panels. But you might not like their dashboard if you’re used to using cPanel. Advanced users may not love this part.


  1. Unusual terms of payment: A few variations to their cashback offer can be contained in the Hostinger Returns Program. Redemption fees, renewal of domain names, and protection of privacy cannot be reimbursed. Before moving forward, remember these exceptions.
  2. Must be paid for additional domains: For users who decide on shared hosting plans and with all Cloud hosting annual plans, a domain name registration is free. Further domain registrations are nonetheless not free. However, they are definitely inexpensive. The domain names “.com” and “.net” are below 10 dollars per year, while the domains “.xyz,” “.online,” and “.tech” are only 10 dollars per annum.


Hostinger provides collaborative site hosting, like many other web hosting companies. This means that the sites literally share the resources of a single server. The hosting costs are divided, which results in cheap web hosting. Shared hosting is not very powerful, so if the content (or that of one of your people) receives, say, a big social media hit, it can be either slowed down or unavailable.


Hostinger’s web hosting plans are three shared:

  • Single,
  • Premium

The Single Plan (beginning with $7.99 a month, or $1.95, for a year) allows you to host only one website and offers a one-way email account, a monthly transmission of 100 GB, and solid-store storage of 10 GB. A premium plan for the hosting of unlimited location, email, monthly data transfer, and storage of 20 GB (starting at $11.95 per month or $3.75 per month with a one-year commitment).


HostGator not only provides Linux and Windows servers, but it also contains unlimited storage, email, and monthly data transfer for all hosting levels. This is amazing. This is incredible.

  • VPS Hosting: The minimum web hosting you want for Virtual Private Server (VPS) is when you seriously set up your online business presence. VPS hosting provides extra server resources for your website compared to common households because fewer websites are available on the server.

Hostinger has six sumptuous VPS planning for Linux, and four VPS plans for Windows. Linux Tier entry has 1 GB of RAM, 20 GB of storage, and 1000 GB of monthly transfers of data for $8.95 a month (with minimum registration for a minimum of three months). The Linux VPS top-tier plan includes RAM 8 GB, storage 160 GB, and monthly transfers of 8000 GB for a minimum of $61,95 per month (with the minimum three-month sign-up).

The Windows VPS plans of Hostinger have slightly different characteristics.  The Windows VPS high-end plan has RAM 16 GB, storage of 400 GB, and monthly transfers of $250,000 a month. Again, even if you register for a yearly plan, you pay the same rate.The planned volume of RAM 96 GB, disk space 750 GB, and monthly data transfers 9 TB is up to $574 a month.


  • Dedicated Hosting: Your website is placed on a server by means of a special hosting plan so that you use all of the power of the server. A dedicated server is a great choice if you expect a high volume of traffic. Sadly, Hostinger offers no special hosting. They not only share the same name as the common hosting plans of Hostinger but also have the same specifications.


  • Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting is a web hosting firm in which multiple servers operate your website. You can scale the capabilities in real-time because the website is not just physically limited by the server. Hostinger has Ram 3 GB, 40 GB of storage, and unlimited monthly transfers, the entry-level level tier (starting $29 per month or €12.95 per month with a one-year commitment) is provided. The high-level level (from a monthly level of $130 or a monthly one-year commitment level of $4 5.95) includes 12 GB of RAM and 160 GB of storage. All planning includes a special IP address, an unlimited site hosting, and a free SSL certificate.


  • Reseller Hosting: You can also check out the two reseller packages of cPanel Reseller Starter and cPanel Reseller Business if you want to go on the web hosting business yourself but want not to deal with matters relating to infrastructure. Hostinger plans allow you to apply branding your very own company for a personal touch, as with other reseller hosting plans. However, it remains the editor’s option for web hosting resellers, as it provides unrestricted capacity and data transmission on any level.


Setup of a site:

Hostinger provides numerous website construction solutions, including a website creator for the business itself. WordPress or other CMS platforms can be installed too. A file manager that lets you upload files to the server to build the website manually is also available.


Protection and e-commerce: Making money online requires e-commerce tools, and it is plentiful for Hostinger. Download common and useful instruments such as OpenCart, PrestaShop, Basic Invoices, and ZenCart, when you plunge into the Hostinger store. Hostinger has several resources that help you to do that if you want to protect your website. For example, with some plans to host your plan or buy it separately, you get a free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. The technology secures your website’s link to a visitor’s device, which is important for protection (particularly when you want to sell products).

Service to Customers: If you have a problem or have a question, you can hit your crew 24/7 via webchat. You found their staffs was extremely informative and friendly. With the relevant connections and some sensational GIFs, they answered your test questions. The customer support team from Hostinger is the best you have ever met in the web hosting game.


Conclusion: Web hosting is not anything many people care about, but technology is one of the foundations of the internet. You will need a decent web host if you intend to start a company or extend an established business. Hostinger is one direction, with comprehensive, secure plans to bring the business online in no time.


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