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Hostgator Review

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Hostgator Review

HostGator is one of the most common web hosts in the industry and hosting over 8 million domains. It is an intelligent choice for any web site owner through 1-clicking WordPress download, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 24/24 service. We regard them as one of the best business web hostings.

We will put your promises through our testing process in this detailed review by HostGator. The areas we will examine below are:

  • Reliability: Does your Website have no downtime available 24 hours a day?
  • Performance: How easily can HostGator load your Website? To evaluate it, we must administer our efficiency checks.
  • Support for Customers: Can you rely on customer support? Could you get help quickly if necessary?
  • Plugins: Do their apps promote the production and maintenance of your site?
  • Price: will they sell the business the highest price? Price? Are you able to save money with any HostGator deals?


HostGator is reliable and customer friendly. Your 24/7 coverage is one of the greatest in the country. This is why HostGator has been listed as one of the top hosting firms for WordPress.

Let us turn to our HostGator analysis in more depth. This helps you to find out whether HostGator is right for your site.

About Hostgator

Founded in 2002, HostGator has quickly grown into one of the world’s largest hosts. The gigantic development can be traced to their outstanding joint hosting services, secure web hosting, and reliable customer support. Today its registered office is based in Houston, Texas. They have over 850 workers that help businesses of all types around the clock.


HostGator’s pros and cons are following

Each hosting service, like all others, has its advantages and disadvantages. Below are HostGator’s benefits and drawbacks that we know.


  • HostGator promises an uptime of 99.99 percent.
  • A number of hosting plans with a range of features.
  • Excellent offer for shared hosting.
  • Good for webmasters innovative.
  • Software for site construction.
  • Good service to the customer.
  • Excellent uptime.
  • HostGator offers one of the industry ‘s most excellent customer support. This includes 24/7 support for the telephone, live chat and ticket support for the email.
  • Secure hosting: You can get one month of credit on your account anytime you encounter downtime below that.
  • HostGator offers a generous money-back guarantee for the back of 45 days. Web householders usually don’t provide an over 30-day cash back guarantee.
  • Flexible billing intervals: you can switch between the billing terms monthly and annually. You will receive the most discounts for more extended billing periods.
  • Free migration: HostGator offers all new account free migration facility.
  • Speed check results from HostGator: speed is the most significant predictor of success. Faster websites are perfect for the customers and improve the SEO rankings as well.
  • Response Time to HostGator Server:The quality of the Website influences the load time of the page significantly. If you have several photos on your Website, for example, through the loading time of the link. This affects the speed test results of your server.


  • No VPS hosting on Windows.
  • No free domain: HostGator does not provide free domain registration while booking, unlike many other hosting firms.
  • Aggressive upselling: You have to examine the other pre-selected services during the registration process. If you are unsure, you should always uncheck it. If required, you can still add them later.
  • HostGator Performance: If you sign into a host and notice your Website is slow and sluggish and always vanishes, what are you going to do? You will have to move vendors, which would cause you more headaches. This is why you want to select a web hosting service that is consistently quick and has a consistency throughout.


Types of hosting Hostgator provides are below:

  • Shared hosting: The easiest way to launch a new low-traffic website is shared hosting. Shared hosting, this web hosting is seen several sites on a single server if you are not aware of the category. Unfortunately, a large increase in traffic can negatively influence Site B’s performance in this configuration. Shared hosting plans for new web sites and newcomers are excellent. You can easily customize your Website to get more visitors and develop your company. It will benefit you. Later you can upgrade your hosting with the growth of your Website.


  • Cloud hosting: While there is only one server in a shared hosting account, cloud hosting uses several hosting servers. The scheme is suitable for regular traffic surges on your Website.With cloud hosting, multiple servers share the resources that your Website needs. You can scale up resources in real-time because the physical server constraints on your site are not limited.

The cloud storage software of HostGator unlike DreamHost, the co-editor option of category is only available over the Linux platform; you have to go elsewhere if you want the Windows operating system. Nonetheless, HostGator has competitive cloud storage options worth considering.

The 2GBRAM, two CPU cores, a domain, and unlimited data and storage are provided to the $22.95 per month Hatkling Cloud plan. The $13.95 monthly Cloud plan introduces infinite domains and increasing the core to four, while RAM rises to 4 GB. The Business Cloud, which has six CPU cores, 6 GB of RAM, and a dedicated IP address, is the top offered at the $19.95 per month. Cloud Computing Co-editors’ Option, is built for companies is 16-core CPUs, 48 GB RAM servers and other high-end specifications can be found here. Your kit can also be highly personalized.


  • WordPress Hosting: This is your basic hosting plan for websites powered by WordPress. It increases efficiency and avoids other forms of WordPress assaults on the Website. With HostGator, the Content Management System (CMS) may be built on one of your servers, but three types of WordPress controlled Web hosting can be found on the Site host, including Founder, Regular, and Enterprise.

Even if you don’t go, the managed-WordPress path WordPress is simple to set up on HostGator. In the customer portal, the Quick Links option opens a specific interface to install applications from third parties. A convenient shortcut is also accessible named Get Started with WordPress Today; leading to the Fast Links app. you have set the direction for the installation of your site, entered the WordPress admin account username, and pressed the Download icon. The WP-Super-Cache WordPress plugin was also installed by HostGator to help improve the performance of your blog.

When experimenting, it was simple to configure your WordPress account, since the Website was already open. HostGator does not have a blog import icon, but WordPress allows it quick enough to import.


  • Virtual Private Server Hosting: You can access the computing services on a cloud storage network by utilizing the private computing server (VPS). This is ideal for regular traffic surges to create websites.


  • Dedicated Hosting: You only have a server for hosting your Website with dedicated hosting. Yet there’s still primary liability because you’re going to have to hold it yourself. Dedicated hosting is an effective type of web hosting that has the site live on a website all by itself. As a consequence, this costly hosting is also the most strong. When you foresee loads of traffic, it’s what will fuel your Website. HostGator’s dedicated servers come in both Linux and Windows versions, but isn’t as uncommon as you would think; Windows seems to rule the market. Nevertheless, hosting offers from HostGator is nothing to be sniffed at. Take a look at them if you need a specialized SSD storage hosting. The standard hosting plans of HostGator come on three levels. The most significant distinction is how many domains you can handle.


HostGator has a high-quality cloud, reseller, VPS, and server packages, but the company has shared plans which really stand out from the overwhelming hosting package. HostGator’s features are a high-end choice. In fact, the shared packages of HostGator are so robust that the service rates our publishers in the subcategory hosting.

HostGator platform setup

HostGator sends a starting email with links to all the resources you need to create your Website because the interface gets a bit used to. HostGator has access to the customer portal with a Billing Login link at the top of its site, which lists all the payment information, plan details, and buying add-ons options. Tabs for account and domain control are on this list at the end. The Hosting tab lists the actual control panel with site construction tools, applications, statistical data on websites, and more.


HostGator has many Website construct solutions, including the website creator of HostGator.

If you register for web, popular, or WordPress hosting for at least 12 months, HostGator blesses you with a free domain name a dedicated hosting that cannot count for VPS. That’s not an uncommon element, but it’s a pleasant touch in the hosting space. However, there are two alerts. HostGator transfers a domain name to a server free of charge if you have a domain name ending in any of the above extensions already.


  • Reseller: If you are looking to join the web hosting industry but do not want to struggle with network issues, search the reseller hosting packages for HostGator.

The contracts are for an annual amount of $19,95 a month. The shared, dedicated and VPS packages are Linux and Windows in both wide-ranging versions, but HostGator does not provide them, like reseller Editors Choice Hostwinds, with unlimited storage and monthly data transfer on any level. HostGator allows the servers you rent to apply your own branding and also provides tech support every 24 hours.

  • Manual software for e-commerce: The program, which has email marketing tools like DaDa Mail (starting at €34.95 per year), enables you to send email newsletters to a subscript list, is available at HostGator’s Mojo Marketplace. Quick Links also include Magento, phpCOIN, and ZenCart e-Commerce packages. You installed Magento, which offers an attractive online store interface for drag and drop.


  • Outstanding performances in the uptime: Uptime of the Website is one of the main aspects of hosting. When the site is down, you will not be able to find clients or to navigate your services or products.


  • Customer Service Quality: HostGator offers support and online web chat, as HostGator does you has tested both helping methods.


Conclusion: You probably consider HostGator right now, after reading our detailed HostGator above article. HostGator has a number of hosting services to suit both requirements and uses. All the resources you need to create a website are open.

HostGator has now respected more than 2 million clients. You will find any resource you need for your Website to achieve the next level, whether it is a seasoned Internet expert or only beginning on your first Website.

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