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Cloudways Review

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Cloudways Review

Cloudways: Web hosting services in the Cloudways are now normal, but, through their web storage, cloudways does some unique things that allow them to stand out in a growing setting. The shortage of resources, such as domain registration and email, renders the light quite dull. However, it is worth considering this excellent cloud hosting service.

Cloudways allows you to build a site without spending a dime, unlike most other web hosting services. You can apply for a free account for three days by developing the Github, Google, and LinkedIn keys, or you can use your username and password.

Why Cloudways?

Cloudways uses multiple clustered server resources to balance the load on your website; the traditional shared, VPS, and specific hosting plans are not duplicated. The business provides a variety of hosting services, pay where you go, weekly, web, and pays you only for the period you have invested. When you cancel a hosting contract for ten days in one month, the hosting fee would just be ten days. Hosts such as Dream Host and HostGator awarded the Editors’ Option will charge you the entire month unless you cancel the process for just a week. Cloudways also provide traditional monthly billing.

Yes, top-level cloud specifications are more analogous to the SMB-friendly Liquid Cloud, which allows you to set up a crazy 512 GB of RAM server. The above schemes begin at just over $0.01 when you choose hourly billing, and they are a little bigger than 1.43 dollars.

However, Cloudways does not have a domain registration, and you have to buy a NameCheap domain or some other vendor.


  • Simple to customize.
  • Outstanding uptime.
  • Supports a wide range of applications.
  • Various flexible third party accounts.
  • Plans for pay-as-you-go.
  • May seek free service before signing.
  • Cloning of the platform.


  • No option to register a domain.
  • Additional email charges.
  • The oddly built rear end of cloudways shows the URL for your Hosting system that you have ordered. When you explore the online documentation, you did not have much trouble connecting these points, but it can be confusing for novices. You can clearly see people rarely go back until they’re dead on cloudways because they have to move to another location to get going.
  • Another noteworthy issue is the email service offer because the plans of Cloudways have no electronic mail accounts. Cloudways plans to pay $2 per email address every month, by RackSpace. Depending on your needs, that may prove costly. Many other site hosts also offer the most simple software with at least some degree of support.
  • Website building: cloudways do not have certain typical web hosting elements, but building a site is quite simple. WordPress was my favorite testing CMS, and in just seven minutes, the service created a server. You logged in, selected a topic, adjusted how pages and posts appeared with my Cloudways credentials, and added images. It was an encounter without any issues.
  • This specific flavor of WordPress has been handled, so that the deployment is regarded with white-glove care by upgrading CMS, automatically delivering regular backups and real-time site tracking, and WordPress protection. Cloudways often offer valuable replication with a single-click (so you can easily construct replicated applications and servers) and staging areas, meaning that website components can be checked without putting them live on the platform.

What need to be focused?

Cloudways have a lot to like. The company has versatile cloud storage options, quick configuration times, and excellent web-based customer care. This is a company you can count on to maintain your website and to offer services. Others do not appreciate the weird approach to bring a customer support agent on the line. Nonetheless, give cloudways a shot if the caveats aren’t deal breakers. You will consider what the website wants to get and hold up.

Cloudways is a few companies that offer a great balance in the cloud-based managed WordPress hosting sector between affordability and functionality. Cloudways offers fully controlled Hosting and guarantees no more sluggish loading of WordPress pages and no more problems for WordPress. Your cloud storage software as a service comes with a wonderful collection of tools, and as the website expands, you will grow the hosting services. They have designed their network for speed, efficiency, and protection.

Cloudways allow customers to monitor server-hosted applications separately. There are two parts of this tracking feature level: Monitoring and Logs. Logs, on the other side, signify the log and error database of your website.

  • E-commerce: The app library of Cloudways features many eCommerce tools, including the popular platforms of Magento and Prestashop. In just a few minutes, you used Magento to build an attractive store with elements from the drag and drop website.
  • As regards stability: Cloudways Engineers secure the deployment from attacks through routine operating systems and software updates, as a controlled cloud hosting platform. Moreover, Cloudways issues free SSL certificates and can be deemed necessary data security when selling goods. The suggested Rackspace mail contains the sender policy framework (SPF) and the authentication code for added confidentiality, Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM).
  • Great uptime: Uptime of the website is one of the key facets of hosting. Through your installation, consumers or clients cannot locate you or use your goods or services and maybe they cannot return to them. So I’m pleased to report the excellent uptime of Cloudways. You used the website tracking platform for this research to chart the uptime of my cloud-hosted testing site. Every 15 minutes, if you cannot access the site for more than one minute, your device pings my website and sends you a reply. For through site analysis, you look at the details over the last 30 days. Cloudways was reliable in my new checks. It didn’t go down once.


  • Cloudways application: It is rather than regular cPanel or Plesk configuration, can be run via a customizable control panel. The low-level details of your server configuration are relatively complex, but do not be intimidated-there are fast shortcuts. E.g., with only a few clicks, you can go to the Configuration page for your application. Our WordPress page had a domain screen or a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installed with a click. When you have no domain yet and have not already reached the regular WordPress Dashboard, Cloudways grants provisional URLs for your website and administration desk. You will still function on the website as planned while you are there. There are some helpful solutions for the Cloudways control panel. For example, a Monitoring tab lists the use of your CPU over time. This will impact your output if it is excessively large, but switching to the Vertical Scaling tab would encourage you to attach a few clicks to your server resources. A Backups feature allows you to run backups on request or your favourite schedule automatically.
  • Security: A security section also blocks access to your resources by blocking specific IP addresses. Experts should sign into the server via SSH if it is still not enough to search and change their preferences. Cloudways are not targeted at site novices, and their control panel may sound confusing at first, but it is not challenging to use in general.


  • Client Support: It is also available via the forum on Cloudways. You might never choose to use this site, but before you join, it is always worthwhile to see what real cloud consumers think about and chat about. If this doesn’t work for you, live chat is available 24/7, and ticket support is available if necessary (but unfortunately not during trial). Measuring host output is already a problem as there are so many factors involved, but this is a whole different degree of difficulty that Cloudways requires. You will see varying speeds depending on your selected provider, the data center, the app you use, the server setup, and your location. Anyway, we set up a quick test with to track a DigitalOcean WordPress system over three days at 5-minute intervals.
  • Response Time: The response times for a WordPress website ranged from 293-379 m with an average of 299ms. (Many hosts require a longer time for our regular performance tests to serve the much simpler static location.) Consistency was yet another plus, with most response times within an average of several milliseconds. That’s what a reliable cloud service provider should anticipate, but having this verified here is nice. These figures are very general indicators only, as we mentioned above, and your results can be very different. Bear in mind that the clouds are loaded by the hour, however, so you can run your own speed tests. You can play at minimum cost with various providers, data centers, server specifications, and settings and learn who delivers the best speeds for you. Start of decision Cloudways provides versatile and high-performance cloud storage options at a rather affordable price, which is daunting for newcomers to seasoned and demanding consumers.
  • Backup feature: The Backup feature allows you to run backups on-demand or automatically on your preferred schedule. The Security section lets you block specific IP addresses from accessing your resources. It can be difficult to get started with Cloudways, but its unique design and layout ensure it’s a quick and easy-to-use tool for those with limited expertise and knowledge of web programming and server management. The price of Cloudways starts at around $99 per year for a domain and $99 for a monthly license. It doesn’t offer professional cloud hosting, but you can pay through the plug-in via PayPal.

Conclusion: Cloudways is designed for developers and expert users. It uses a custom control panel to manage the low-level setup of its servers. The Control Panel has a range of helpful options to help you manage your server. It’s easy to set up a website with just a few clicks, and you can use the standard WordPress dashboard from the Cloudways admin panel. It has a well-designed support center to help new users with basic setup and troubleshoot issues.

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