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A2 Hosting Review

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A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting will be an incredibly successful choice if you need a reliable web hosting company for relatively cheap rates ($2.96 / million) that will scale as soon as you expand your website. A2 is quicker than other hosting suppliers.

Their customer service is efficient; their hosting plans are developer-friendly and offer a single money-back guarantee anytime. But over the last few months, the uptime has slipped. Once the first sales cycle expires, the refund rates can spike very dramatically.


  1. When you go to, you will see a recurrence theme:

Speed, you’re thinking on your webpage about pace. And the name of every pricing plan is even related to speed. All the features are designed to make your site quick.

Not surprisingly, A2 Hosting is fast. It is the quickest shared hosting provider, and for several years now, it is the fastest. This is not a small achievement in a world where page load times can be the difference between holding a visitor around a website and losing him to the competition.


  1. Pleasant and useful customer service:

A2 Hosting hundreds of things based on know-how if your binding question is to be addressed rapidly. They offer all from chat to telephone and ticket-based help if you prefer to talk with a person. Live chat was shot up. Ironically, customer service for A2 Hosting took about five minutes to connect slowly to the live chat session.


  1. Free HackScan maintains your site secure:

Speed and safety don’t always go well together online. This is because additional scanning firewalls or encryption layers can frequently slow down users. A2 Hosting is quick to light up without falling on the ball. They are securing their computers with HackScan, a 24/7 security tool monitoring ransomware, and other regular threats. The best way to maintain security on your site is to avoid problems before they break out. They do have flexible data centers, which ensures you are safe from Denial of Service ( DDoS) attacks. These attacks try to flood traffic on your servers and knock off-line your site. Therefore, A2 has your back to deal with sudden, unforeseen surges.


  1. Migration on a free platform:

A2 Hosting personally will transfer your existing website to its servers without any extra charge. You need only reach out with your cPanel account credentials to your customer support department and take care of the rest. The only advantage is the number of places that you purchase, depending on the schedule. Its terms describe it all in detail. Shared hosting customers will receive one site free of charge for Lite, Swift, and Turbo Plans. Nevertheless, you can earn 25 free migrations if you purchase a reseller, a VPS dedicated, or controlled Hosting. Again, you can provide your existing websites with cPanel access. If not, A2 would be subject to an additional small fee.


  1. A2 Hosting operates well with the other content management systems:Content management systems (CMS), online buildings, and developer-friendly software. You can install a site with just a few clicks: WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla, or Magento. A developer doesn’t have to help you. These sites have several unique features, such as the A2 Optimized WordPress plugin, which comes with Turbo plans to keep your website secure.

A2 feels that it has a moral duty to help protect the world from global warming.

It will not be the deciding reason for searching for a web host. Yet it’s an excellent bonus to understanding the organization you deal with environmental issues.

  1. Uptime of 99.93 percent:The world’s fastest page loading times cannot compensate for an online website.


A2 Hosting has plenty of pros.

A2 Hosting Pros:

  • A2 Hosting is one of the best companies to know about under-the-radar Hosting.
  • It has excellent speed.
  • Friendly customer service.
  • Plenty of security, liberal reimbursement policies, and even the environment.


Here below are detailed reviews of some issues:

  1. High renewal rates (Deadline for 15 days):Throughout the long term plans, A2 Hosting has a small price split. Three years’ prepayment will bring in a few dollars off the monthly price, which over 36 months can be added. A2 also sweetens the bargain with exclusive promotional offers for new buyers, which effectively reduces the overall amount.


  1. A2 Hosting High-Cost:The concern is that automatic renewal begins at the average rates after the first period is finished (almost twice the cost you charged first).

Most web hosts use one form or another to pull this same stunt. You know, if you’re happy with the overall operation, it’ll actually be a significant pain to move the premises back until the price hike begins.


  1. Cheapest Program constraints: The initial pricing is a 2.96$/month (51% off the standard price) is A2Hosting’s lowest hosting alternative (“Lite”). This isn’t the cheapest price you saw, but it’s pretty good.


But when you begin to compare that price point with what you get (compared to the competition), there are specific problems. Just one server with limitless capacity, a free SSL, a conversion platform, and some period money-back guarantee are included with this package. A2 is not a decent option for you, such as Turbo Servers, with “up to 20X quicker page launching,” web rewind, or even offsite backups.

The same question relates to the construction design for the website. You can only get one page not enough to create an actual website from the cheapest option, similarly at ~$4 per month.


Pricing, storage of plans and fast details A2 hosting

For its shared Hosting, A2 Hosting has three price levels:

Plan 1: $2.96 a month is scheduled to begin. There’s sufficient one website, five databases, unlimited bandwidth and storage, a free SSL plus cPanel control access.

Plan 2: This scheme is $3.70 every month. It allows unrestricted domains, files, servers, downloads, SSL, cPanel permissions, and migration on one platform.

Turbo plan: $7.03 a month begins with this plan. The Swift Program, plus Turbo (20X speeds) and the A2 site accelerator, are all included, Credit Card, PayPal, PayU, Bank Transfer, Check or Money Order, Bank Transfers.

Clauses and penalties are hidden: renewals are higher than the original duration. Fifteen days before the Renewal period, you must cancel; otherwise, you will be charged automatically. The purchasing of domain names is not reimbursable. The joint hosting services are free of charge, with just one web migration.

  • Upsells: Very little upselling.
  • Activation Account: Activation Instant.
  • Experience with Control Panel and Dashboard: cPanel.

Apps and CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): WordPress and other common CMSs may be enabled at checkout. Deployment is necessary.

Why A2 Hosting is recommended?

Over the past couple of years, A2 Hosting has consistently given the best class pace. You will motivate to provide customer service. There is a free SSL certificate and free migration for any popular program. They’re not too bad to uptime, also.

You can also reimburse your available time for a reimbursement if you face problems whilst you are a customer. The main drawback is that there are regular expiration rates (and the tight definitions are not excellent). Moreover, they will only provide you with one free website migration if you pay for the most expensive standard hosting plan.


What A2 Hosting is offer?

A2 Hosting has a lot to give, like many other famous hosting companies. Here we will tell you what goods and where you should use them.

  • In addition to hosting contracts, you can also receive domain names at A2 Hosting, with decent rates. For instance, you can pay $14.95 per year for domain name. You will buy .com,.info,.net, extensions, among others. Specific country TLDs such,.de,.fr,.es are not available.


  • A2 is very famous for its rising hosting schemes. They cost $8.99 to $24.99 per month in their renovation. This is the one most companies use – unless you have an immense web-center or need a different server setup.


  • They also provide WordPress software hosting services. These hosting packages are shared and are ideally suited for WordPress, have some additional WordPress features (e.g., inserting), and WordPress experts are support agencies. WordPress managed to host begins with A2 Hosting at $28.51 a month.


  • This is a way of dividing a system into smaller ones. So you can adjust it to your specific needs and will not need to share resources with other customers. If you require something from shared Hosting to a particular server, it is a good match. A VPS from $5 a month to about $100 goes from A2 Hosting.


  • As a network of linked computers, you might picture cloud computing. So you will not host your website on a server, but several of them simultaneously. They are a perfect answer to the traffic loads you expect since you can devote additional capital. Starting at $5 per month, 20 GB of storage and 512 MB of RAM can increase storage and resources.


  • But you probably need an exclusive hosting package if your website receives hundreds of tens of thousands of visitors per month. That is, an entire server hosting your project exclusively. These are not inexpensive; they begin at $120 per month at A2 Hosting.


  • You should opt-in for the reseller system where you can offer hosting ventures (without A2 hosting brands) to your customers so that you have your own customers that want hosting. The plans begin at around 20 dollars a month.



A2 Pricing: What are your common plans?

The longer the deal, of course, the cheaper it becomes (for example, 36 months). However, be aware that the full amount will be required to be paid beforehand.

  • Their Starting plan only provides for one website and storage of 100 GB. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for A2 Hosting to recover the backups you use. Uncontrolled bandwidth and power. The feature of backup restore is also disabled. More resources are also available; 1 GB of RAM and two cores.


  • The better output is the key complement to the Turbo Boost kit. Your site must operate with HTTP/2, fewer domain neighbours would be open, with caching choices accessible (A2 Configured Accelerator). WordPress, Magento, and PrestaShop caching plugins are all used.
  • Double the number of services (RAMS and cores) required for Turbo Max plans twice as high. When you go checkout, you will be able to buy a bunch of add-ons. If you choose to make your own copies, for instance, you will get an extra $1.99 a month for 5 GB backup capacity. You will boost the capacity of your servers to better efficiency with the Swift and Turbo contracts. An additional $3 a month would increase the CPU cores size and an optional GB of RAM. If you have a site that needs many resources, that might be useful.

There are some instances where A2 Hosting is a wise solution, but certain times the usage of this hosting service will make no sense. Here we will make that clear to you.

  • Backups:7 copies of your site are maintained. Note that the apps for backup repair just come with the drive package and above.
  • Server locations:Your website can be host in America (East and West), Europe, or Asia.
  • Space and bandwidth not metered:The backup is unrestricted, except though you cannot have more than 600,000 files in all. Nor is bandwidth measured.
  • Windows-based Hosting:Windows-based servers are available, unlike many other competitors.
  • Uptime:You need to improve your uptime.
  • Separately paying for on-demand copies:If you like your own copies for your on-demand backup, you would need to purchase their add-on. Even if the pay-out is less pushing (e.g., iPage), their checkouts are charged with add-ons; you probably won’t have to use (e.g., paid SSL certificate).).


Conclusion: A2 Hosting is a reliable choice if you are after a low-cost supply that is generous with storage and bandwidth. This also provides functionality, for example, automated web caching, staging zones, or performance enhancement modules for MSPs like WordPress, PrestaShop, or Magento, which rival rivals won’t deliver.

For those who want to host a Windows project, it’s an excellent option. However, you are reluctant to recommend A2 Hosting for more extensive projects because of a few limitations. Their uptime definitely should be improved, and with 35 simultaneous HTTP connections, a deal-breaker for people getting more traffic is possible.


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